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Storage Rack

Storage Rack

In most big warehouses, Storage Rack in Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Delhi, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, has a huge demand, for keeping all products stored correctly. Their size, dimensions and finishes, customized to suit all your needs. MEX Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top-notch Storage Rack Manufacturers in Delhi. Their superior quality, high durability and dependable performance make Pallet Storage Rack an optimal choice for storing different goods, despite the challenging environments. It is the best material handling solution that has been in use for years. Searching for Steel Storage Rack or Durable Storage Rack Nearby Me? We are where you can reach.

Salient Advantages Of Buying Storage Racks:

  • Offer Maximum Product Visibility: When all your goods lined up in an arranged manner, so finding them become effortless. Metal Storage Rack makes product retrieval smooth.
  • Store Heavier Items: Slotted Angle Storage Rack are built to bear heavy loads and suitable for storing medium to heavy items without worrying about their safety.
  • Keep Products Safe: Storage Shelves and Industrial Storage Rack offer maximum safety to goods and minimizes any damage during loading/unloading.

Give Better Care To Your Goods With Our Storage Racks!

They can be adjusted to your specific needs. If you are interested, let us know your requirements. Finish your search for one of the dependable MS Heavy Duty Storage Rack Suppliers in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Faridabad, and India with us. Call us or drop your enquiry to find the best racking system for your facility.

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Frequently Asked Question
Why You Are The First Choice For Storage Rack In Delhi?

As a leading Storage Rack Manufacturer in India, MEX Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides superior-quality Storage Rack to fulfill your warehouse storage requirements. Our commitment to quality and safety has earned us a reputable position in the industry. We leverage modern technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to merge our innovation and expertise and offer cost-effective solutions to our customers. Our unwavering focus on customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for purchasing Storage Rack .

What Are The Other Products You Offer?
  • Industrial Rack
  • Storage Rack
  • Industrial Storage System
  • Heavy Duty Rack
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Rack
  • Slotted Angle Rack
  • Cantilever Rack
  • Shelving Rack
  • Pallet Rack
  • Pallet Racking System
  • Warehouse Rack
  • Mezzanine Floor
  • Modular Mezzanine Floor
  • Mobile Compactor

What Is The Purpose Of A Storage Rack ?

The purpose of a Storage Rack is to store and organize goods or materials on pallets in a warehouse or distribution center. They maximize vertical storage space, provide easy access to stored items, and increase efficiency in handling and inventory management.

What Is The Maximum Height Of A Storage Rack In A Warehouse?

The maximum height of a Storage Rack in a warehouse depends on various factors, including the building structure, the type of rack used, and safety regulations. They can be constructed up to 40 feet in height, but the exact maximum height is determined by local building codes and safety requirements.

Is Using A Storage Rack In A Warehouse Safe?

Yes, the Storage Rack is safe when installed, used, and maintained correctly. However, it is important to ensure that the rack is designed and installed to meet the specific needs and load requirements of the warehouse or storage facility, and regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to ensure safe usage.

How Long Does Storage Rack Last?

The lifespan of the Storage Rack depends on factors such as the type of rack, the load capacity, and the maintenance it receives. Typically, they can last up to 20-25 years or longer if properly maintained and used within their weight limits.

Do You Offer Any Warranties On Your Storage Rack ?

Yes, we offer warranties on our Storage Rack . The length and terms of the warranty vary based on the type of rack you choose.

How Do I Place An Order For Storage Rack ?

You can place an order for Storage Rack by contacting our sales team via phone, email, or through our website. Our team will provide you with a quote and assist you with the ordering process.

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